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Trekking in Aladağlar

Aladaglar is a fantastic mountain range for trekkers, with it's deep long valleys, high plateaus, high altitude lakes and splendid flora.

While venturing high above, You will deeply feel the thin air and ıt's magnifence will soon refresh you by all means.


Here are some daily trekking Routes:

Arpalık plateau 2250mt. - Teke Pınarı - Dipsiz Göl plateau. 2900mt.

If you start your hike from the Arpalık plateau, it takes nearly 3 hours to reach the lake. You can drive to Arpalık plateau with a standard vehicle, but if your vehicle cannot climb the steep road after Sokullupınar, you need to walk an hour. extra.

In Arpalık, there is a wide path starting from the left of the fountain. If you follow that path, you’ll reach Teke Pınarı in an hour, and after hiking for 2 hours, you’ll be in Dipsiz Göl campsite, which is 15 minutes to Dipsiz Göl.

The lakeside is surrounded by 3 major summits: Çağılın Başı S. (3612 m.) on the left, Beş Parmak S. (3520 m.) in the middle and Koca Sarp S. (3570 m.) on the right.



In the spring months there is a loud stream after Teke Pınarı, which makes the scenery and the hike quite favorable. This route is the most popular hiking route of the region.. To return, take the same way back and you’ll be in Arpalık in 1.5 – 2 hours.

The best season for this trek; beginnig of may to end of november.

Dipsiz Göl Trekking.

 Trekking in Emli and Parmakkaya valley.

Sarımehmetler - Emli Valley - Koca Dölek 2200m.-Parmakkaya valley. - Sıyırma valley

You can start your hike in Sarımehmetler, but if you decide to continue, the road gets a little rough but it goes up into the mountain 3 km.s after Sarımehmetler. At the end of the road, you can park your vehicle and take the path that goes into the forest and there starts one of the most 

beautiful hiking routes in Aladağlar. Hike through this path inhaling in the heavenly refreshing scent of the juniper trees. At the end of the forest, follow the path for a little while until you see some cairn on the 

right. If you take the higher path here and start ascending, you will reach the Parmakkaya valley in a short while. This is recommended for those who wish to go climbing in Parmakkaya. If you continue straight, you will take the longer (about 15 – 20 minutes) route, but it is more pleasant for hikers. This path will take you to Koca Dölek.

Reaching Koca Dölek from Sarımehmetler takes up about 2 hours. After that, you may continue to Parmakkaya valley or Sıyırma valley. Depending on your hiking plans, you may hike back from the same route. 

If you go to Parmakkaya valley, you can ascend up to the Avcı Veli mountain pass and have the opportunity to have a look at the scenery of south Aladağlar. If you choose to go to Sıyırma valley, you may 

continue on to see the Kaldı glacier. The path to the glacier is somewhat indistinct, but it is worth choosing this way for the view at the end, especially in august.

The best season for this trek; beginnig of april to end of november.


Cımbar Valley 1600mt - Arpalık plateau  2250mt.

This hike takes up about 3 – 4 hours. You can leave your vehicle at the entrance of Cımbar valley. and start walking. After about 15 minutes the valley will split into two, you should keep on the right side, then you’ll be on the shortest route to the Arpalık Plateau. After that point the valley narrows down and you also have to make a very easy 3 m. climb. This valley is an inspiration for climbers because of its beautiful rock structure. It also houses many different bird species. You are advised to wear helmets in case of falling rocks caused by the animals above.

After you finish the rocky valley, ascend slowly to the Arpalık Plateau on the right. After the plateau, take the walk path on the right.In about 15 minutes, you’ll see a wide path on your right, which will take you all the way down to Demirkazık Village.

The best season for this trek; beginnig of april to end of november.

Cımbar Valley - Arpalık Plateau Trekking.

Karagöl Lake 2900mt. and Maden Valley.

Go left after Demirkazık village, you will see the Cımbar Valley on your right after 300 meters. If you follow this direction, you will reach Pınarbaşı village after 2 kilometers. After that take the dirt road between the graveyard and the first house in the village. If you follow this dirt road you will reach to Çiçekli Boyun, 2100mt. After that you can start to trekking for Karagöl from here. In about 2,5 hours you will see Karagöl lake.

If your vehicle can not climb to dirt way then you park your car beginnig of hill. 1700mt. After that you start to walk. After here to Karagöl Lake about 4 - 5 hours. You should come back from same way and 3 hours.

The best season for this trek; beginnig of april to end of july.


Karagöl Trekking. 2900mt. North Aladaglar. 2 june.

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