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To reach Aladağlar from Cappadocia:

The best alternative is by a rented vehicle, 

because there are no direct buses to 

Aladağlar. If you want to travel by bus, you 

should take one to Nevşehir first, after that 

one to Niğde where you’ll take another one to 

Çamardı. However that might take up a day, 

so you’d better rent a vehicle from 

Cappadocia, and the 120 km ride only takes 

1 ½ hours. You’ll also need a vehicle in

Aladağlar to travel into the mountainous 

region, so take that into account.


GPS Navigation:
For those who are planning to come to 

Aladağlar from Kayseri and Adana: The GPS 

navigation may wrongfully guide you through 

longer routes. According to the GPS route, 

when going to Aladağlar from Kayseri, you’d 

drive through Niğde and then Çamardı; but 

this route is long and crooked. You should 

make a turn to Çamardı on the left, 18 km.s 

before Niğde. After that, there’s only a 42 

km.s drive to Aladağlar, so you should not go 

to Niğde at all. If you are going to Aladağlar 

from Adana, you should exit highway in 

Pozantı, after that you will take the right from 

Çamardı and you’re on your way to Aladağlar.


How to reach Aladağlar?

By plane:

Aladağlar is located in the center of 3 

major cities: Niğde, Adana and Kayseri. 

There is no airport in Niğde, but there are 

in both Kayseri and Adana. International 

passengers have to make one transfer for 

Adana or Kayseri. There is also the 

possibility of direct flights but that needs to 

be checked in advance.

If you are coming in the skiing season, 

we recommend flying to the Kayseri airport, 

which is the best alternative for skiers that 

are planning to go to Mt. Erciyes and 

Mt. Hasan. For summer seasons however, 

Adana and Kayseri airports are both the 

same distance from Aladağlar, 160 km.s 

and it takes nearly 1,5 -2  hours.

Aladağlar covers a large area, so you 

need a standard vehicle to travel into the 

mountainous region and to reach the 

climbing routes, thus renting a vehicle from 

the airport is recommended.

If you are flying to Ankara, you should 

consider a 5-hour car ride to Aladağlar. 

Also it takes a 7-hour ride from Antalya. 

Both roads are in good condition and not 

tiring at all.

By bus:

First you have to travel from İstanbul to 

Niğde, there you’ll take a bus to Çamardı, 

which is the closest town to Aladağlar. 

Before reaching Çamardı, you may have to

get off the bus in the Çukurbağ village

junction. Also you will see our sign in junction. After here, you walk to Martı village for 2 km.

You pass Martı village. When you go toward to mountain you will see our camping on the left side.

The bus ride from İstanbul to Niğde takes 

up about 11 hours. 2 - 3 buses take off 

every evening. From Niğde Bus Terminal, 

you can find buses to Çamardı which take 

off 6 to 7 times throughout the day.

There are also buses from Adana to 

Çamardı, that take off early in the morning, 09:30

and in the afternoon, 13:30 from Adana Bus 


Niğde - Çamardı: 1,5 hours

Adana - Çamardı: 2,5 hours


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