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Ski Touring in Aladağlar

 Panorama of Aladaglar: Left to right; Körtekli, Mt.Hasan, Demirkazık, Emler, Kızılkaya, Kaldı and Alaca summits.


There are many major valleys in Aladağlar, which is a part of Taurus Mountains. Those valleys split up into different branches, creating beautiful natural skiing areas.

You can find many skiing routes depending on your skiing experience and technique. Don’t be surprised if you do not see another soul while skiing in the unmatched beauty of the valleys. Especially the trans routes are like the pearls of Aladağlar. Skiing through the valleys one after the other is quite gratifying.


Aladağlar does not often experience heavy snowfall, so the skiing season starts in february and last up to second week of april at the most. You can reach the starting points of ski routes with a vehicle, but if the snow is deep, then a jeep is the only option. So you should ask about the road conditions in advance and rent your vehicle accordingly, or you have the option to rent a jeep from Aladaglar Camping.

In winter, weather is mostly clear and sunny.

Temperatures tend to be -5°C to 3°C (23°F to 37°F) in the daytime and -10°C to -6°C (14°F to 21°F) in the nighttime.


There are 3 different starting points for Emler Summit.

1st alternative: If the snow is very thick and the weather conditions are not very good, it is best to start from Çukurbağ village. There’s a road from the village that goes up to a plateau that is called Büyük Tülü, where you can reach with a standard vehicle. After that, you’ll start walking towards the Sakartaş point where you’ll make a 100 m. descent to enter the Karayalak Valley.

2nd alternative; is to try the road that is used in the sumer time. If the snow is not very thick and the weather condition is good, you may drive to the Sokullupınar campsite from the road that is to the right of the Demirkazık mountain hut. From here you can enter Karayalak Valley and start ascending.

3rd alternative: You’ll see a junction before Sokullupınar. From here if you follow down the road on the right, you’ll reach the stream bed. From the end of the road starts Karayalak Valley.

If you follow the valley floor, yo will first see a narrow pass called Kapı (gate). After that, still following the valley floor, you’ll reach the Çelik Buyduran mountain pass, where you can see the east face of Emler Summit. So you should start ascending slowly to the summit. If you descend from the same route, the total tour will be about 6 – 7 hours.

If you don’t want to descend from the same route, you should descend a little after Çelik Buyduran pass. On your left, you will see the Karasay mountain pass. Climb up to this pass and descend to the Emli Valley from the other face. However, you’ll end up on a different finishing point, so someone should pick you up from Emli Valley.


2. Emler Summit (3723 m.) Classic Route:



The starting point is Sarımehmetler campsite. From Sarımehmetler, enter the Mangırcı Valley. After passing through the woods, you should go straight until you pass first the north wall of Mangırcı, and after that the north face of Körtekli. Go through the shoulder that is left of the Körtekli Summit and ascend to the summit following the valley floor.

For Alaca Summit, you should follow the valley floor for a little while, and ascend up to the shoulder of Körtekti summit that is on your right, where you will see north and west faces of Alaca. Pass through the west face and reach the south face, and with a comparatively easy ascent, you’ll reach the summit.

You can use the same route for the way back, or you can descend from the west face of Körtekli. Passing through the south of Mangırcı summit you’ll reach Sarımehmetler.

This is a very nice alternative for those who wish to return from a different route. You can see many valley systems and some breathtaking scenery. If you reach Alaca summit, you have the chance to see the south of Aladağlar. The tour takes up about 3 – 4 hours, and 5 – 6 hours if you also make Alaca summit.


1. Körtekli (2981 m.) and Alaca (3588 m.) Summits:



The starting point depends on the snow conditions in winter. After Sarımehmetler, continue on to  Emli forest; which will be a little inclined and may take up to 2 hours. After the forest, you’ll reach Koca Dölek campsite. From here you can see Parmakkaya Valley. Continue towards right side and enter the valley, and at the end of it, you’ll see  Avcı Veli mountain pass. Passing through here, take the left and you’ll reach Yoncalı Taş summit.

2. Parmakkaya Valley - Avcı Veli Pass (3100m.)

Yoncalı Taş (3450m.)  summit.



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