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Rock Climbing - Trekking - Bird Watching


Other Activities at the Aladaglar:

The Aladaglar are home to a rich and varied geography. The main activities in this

area are mountaineering and rock climbing but many other activities can be 

undertaken here. One of these activities is joining one of the very popular trekking 

tours. Trekking on high altitudes, tour skiing during the winter months, bird

watching in spring are other activities that come to mind.


Aladaglar Camping is situated (1500mt.) in the last village before the mountain. For approaching the mountain you can use your car or you can take transfer from Aladaglar Camping. There are a lot of the one day trekking and summits possibilities from the Aladaglar Camping. These walks take between 1 hour to 10 hours to complete.


If you wish, experienced and certified ( Aladaglar National Park) local Guide is happy to help. 


We organise our Tours by Yehuu Travel Agency. 4737

 Ulupınar Köyü Çıralı Mahallesi Köprü Girişi No:1 Kemer Antalya/Turkey  Phone: +90 5342018995 Fax: 02428257102


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