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The Beginning of a Dream



The Aladaglar are an extension of the Taurus Mountains in the west and harbors the highest peaks of the eastern Taurus mountain range. The Aladaglar are stretched across three different provinces. These provinces are Nigde, Adana and Kayseri. The Aladaglar are one of Turkey’s most important areas for mountaineering and rock climbing. The area is usually approached from the Nigde side. The highest peak of the mountain range

Kızılkaya (3771mt.) and many other major peaks are most easily accessed from the west.  The road coming from Nigde (60 km) also comes very close to the Aladaglar (4 km). Approaching the Aladaglar from the east through the road coming from the direction of Adana and Kayseri is more difficult.

A first encounter with the Aladaglar is overwhelming. The area is so vast that you won’t know where to begin.

This mountain range stretches over a 25 km wide and 40 km long area, so it really is difficult to decide where to start. This mountain range has more than 60 peaks that are over 3000 m high. All of these peaks offer classical ascent routes alongside routes that offer technical climbing. These peaks offer over 170 traditional climbing routes. There are two main entrances to the range that are being used continuously by mountaineers and climbers alike.

The first one is on the Demirkazık area, the second one can be found on the Emli area. The Demirkazık area is where you will find the Cimbar Valley packed with rock climbing routes, the Karayalak and Narpuz valleys and the Dipsizgöl and the Yedigöller high plateau .The other entrance is situated at the magnificent Emli valley.

This area lies in the northern site of the Aladaglar.The nearest settlement is Demirkazık village. This village is also known as Karamuk. This is where you can find the mountain refuge. If you continue left after the mountain refuge you will see the Cimbar gorge. Cimbar valley is home to many sport climbing routes and alpine routes.

The dirt track to the right of the mountain refuge takes you to Sokullupınar camp site and from there to the Arpalık plateau. It is possible to ascend the 3756 m high Demirkazık and 3723 Emler peaks from Sokullupınar camp site. From Sokullupınar you can also go to the Yedigöller area and from there continue towards the Barazama waterfalls.

This way you will have traversed the mountain range from west to east. This route is used by commercial trekking companies.So you will probably come across plenty of tourists…

From the Arpalık plateau you can continue towards Dipsizgöl camp site. If you set up camp here you can ascend many peaks within a single day. If you arrive early in the season you can enjoy camping on the shores of the lake. Beside mountaineering and rock

climbing  Aladaglar, also offers

many long walking  routes that can be done in one day. Starting at a height of 1500 m, 

it is possible to reach an altitude of 3000m in a single day. If you prefer mountain biking, more than 300 km of trails await you on the 

skirts of the mountain range.

Aladaglar also offer endless possibilities for Ski Touring. The mountain range consist of five main valleys and many subsidiary branches.These 

valleys make for an unforgettable skiing experience.But first of all you need to get to 

the Aladaglar!


Demirkazık Area


Emli Valley

The nearest village to this area of the Aladaglar is Martı Village. Drive through Martı village in the direction of Emli Valley. The road splits in two, 200m. after the bridge.  If you turn left here you will reach a small village called Emli Evleri. This village is only inhabited during the summer months by people who grow fruit in the area.If you continue straight ahead you will see the Kazıklı Canyon on the right.After  continue along the dirt road towards Emli Valley you will come across some ancient ruins on both sides of the road. These are the remains of churches and rock tombs which  were carved from  rocks.  These are thought to have been used by early Christian immigrants.

The first place you will come across once you have entered the valley is Sarımehmetler. 

Sarımehmetler is a  large plain and camping area. When you continue further into the valley you will be greeted by the sharp scent of pine trees. The scented juniper is the most beautiful tree of this region…

If you turn right, southwards, after Sarımemetler you will enter the Küçük Mangırcı and Büyük Mangırcı valleys. You can ascend the summit of Alaca (3588 m), one of the most important peaks of the region, from either of these two valleys. If you go eastward after Sarımemetler you will enter Emli valley. 

Emli valley is the only valley on this side of the mountain range that is covered by forest and because of this it attracts the more visitors. The road goes half way into the Emli forest.But we would recommend you to walk in this nice forest and avoid pollution.

By the end of the forest, you will come to a plain area, which is called Koca Dölek. Dölek is used for plain area by villagers. When you look to the south, you will see Parmakkaya valley and Parmakkaya (finger rock, a solid rock monument). Koca Dölek is a good camping point for many of its surrounding peaks.The only problem is that there is no water here. For water you have to enter Parmakkaya valley and walk up to the Akşam Pınarı camp. Depending on the weather circumstances it is possible to find water here until mid July.

From Koca Dölek you can ascend summits like; Lahitkaya 3100 m, Güzeller 3461 m, Alaca 3588 m and Kaldı 3736m. It is also possible to reach the Barazama waterfalls by crossing the Aladaglar from west to east by continuing through Emli valley into Kokorot valley and over the Karani pass. A nother possibility is to cross the mountain range from south to north by starting out at the Emli valley and traversing the mountain ridges into the Yedigöller area and even further to Dipsizgöl. This route makes for an unforgettable experience.

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