then started coming from İstanbul to Aladağlar at every opportunity. When we realized we could breathe here easier than we could in İstanbul, we decided we should move here. So in 2002, we’ve left everything behind and started our new lives in Aladağlar.

It was not very easy moving to the tiny village of Martı, from a huge metropolis as İstanbul. But we’ve had our passion of climbing, which took up most of our time. We were also constantly setting up new climbing routes. So it was not very hard getting used to living here. Now our friends confess that they have only given us 1 to 2 years before we would return to İstanbul, but it has been more than 12 years now and we are still going strong.

We have been leading the way for the development  of climbing in Aladağlar for a long time now. Since 2002, we have set up many sports climbing and multi-pitch routes, now nearing 300, and organized two competitions in 2004 and in 2005. We have also built up a climbing wall in the yard of Demirkazık mountain hut, with the contributions of NİDOS (Niğde Outdoor Sports Club), and hosted the first outdoor bouldering competition in Turkey there.

And then one day, after long talks we have finally visited the Kazıklı Ali Canyon with Süleyman Vardal. Through long discussions on the rock structure and the possibility to set up routes here, we have set up the first route with Sülo. It was a snowy day in february 2003, and I remember shivering very very badly. At the end of that year, we’ve had set up 3 routes here and not very satisfied with the conglomerate rock structure, we have given up on our trials. Two years after that, again on a snowy february day, we have started setting up routes here once more, this time in the middle of the canyon, in the place called today the “Karnaval” sector.

Everything started with a dream. First we’ve had our house built in 1996,

 And today it is a promising and huge climbing garden, with over 350 sports climbing route. After we have settled in Aladağlar, Rolando Larcher and Maurizio Oviglia have come and set up a great and challenging route here in 2005. This was the longest and most difficult alpine route in Aladağlar and in Turkey. We have realized that nothing would ever be the same after that, as it brought a new dimension, a new understanding to our climbing. Soon after, new modern routes started to grow in numbers in Aladağlar.

In 2007, we have started hosting guests in our house, deciding that sooner or later we have to make a living without giving up on our passion. After that, we’ve decided to build bungalows on our yard to host our guests. We have built two bungalows by our own hands and tried to reflect our own tastes. In the following years, our camp flourished and we started hosting skiers and hikers, as well as climbers. As most of our guests tell us, our camp has become an oasis in Aladağlar. We started enjoying living in Aladağlar even more with our guests, by helping them and interacting with them. 

We have now many friends from all around the world and we keep on visiting each other still.

We have been living our dream in Aladağlar, and we invite you to come and share it with us. Whether you are enthusiastic about ski touring, rock climbing or hiking; visit Aladağlar and you will be returning home never to forget the joy you’ve had in the countless routes.                                                          



                                            Zeynep Tantekin ince &  Recep ince


Zeynep Tantekin ince &  Recep ince

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